Summer Service Programs

We’re offering both an On Site Summer Service program and an At Track Summer Service Program.  Let our trained and certified mechanics handle all your Tucker Sno-Cat maintenance needs.  We use only OEM parts and filters.  We will also perform system operational checks and component inspections to repair small problems before they become large component failures in the field.

On Site Summer Service Prices   2,000                                                                    **Price Includes Fluids, Filters and Labor**                                                                ***Travel costs will vary with Distance & Scheduling***

At Track Summer Service Prices  4,000                                                                     **Track can arrange transportation upon request**

Summer Service at Track Rebate Program                                                                     Not sure what to do?  Have it serviced or trade it in? 

Schedule the service. 

If you decide to trade the vehicle in before the start of the grooming season we will refund your service dollars.


Download the On Site Summer Service document here

Download the At Track Summer Service document here


Please register early as we can either schedule the work while we’re in the area or arrange delivery of your vehicle with others in your area to help defray costs.