Heim Joint

One of the latest improvements that have been implemented on the Tucker 2000 is the Heim Joint.  These are a heavy duty tie rod end that have been used on the fifth wheel plates throughout the steering system for the last few years and with the 2013 model years.  These joints need to be greased every 25 hours.  Tucker Sno-Cat recommends that you tighten the Heim joints after the first 40 hours of use , and then check for looseness every 100 hours of operation.

To adjust the Heim Joint;[singlecol][/singlecol]

  • First loosen the set screw
  • Tighten the nut by hand with the spanner wrench included in your tool kit.  Use blue (medium strength) Loc-Tite on the set screw and tighten.  The torque for the bolt that secures the joint is 450 ft.-lbs