Those of you with a Tucker Sno-Cat 2005 and newer with a QSB series engine have a manual fan override switch on the dash. This switch is a manual override for the magnetic clutch on the engine fan. The engine fan clutch automatically engages when the coolant temperature reaches 195 F and disengages when the temperature drops to operating level. The override switch can be used if there is a problem with the automatic function or if there is an overheating problem with the transmission, transfer case or hydraulic system. It can be used to cool all of these systems because all of the coolers are stacked with the radiator/intercooler. This switch is not meant to be engaged in normal operating conditions. Having the fan clutch engaged at all times not only significantly reduces fuel economy but also keeps other systems from operating at their optimum temperature. Having this on at all times will keep the engine temperature lower that it should be and will also take the transmission out of its operating range of 160 F to 200 F. It is a good practice to monitor fluid temperatures to prevent overheating of fluid systems, but having a system operating below its operating range can also be detrimental to operation.