Believe it or not winter is just around the corner so I would like to look at some tips for off season storage and service. While mother nature did not provide us with bountiful amounts of snow and in fact many of us did not even get to turn a track last season, your Tucker Sno-Cat still needs service whether it was used or not. All fluids and filters on top of having an hour interval for replacement also have a monthly/yearly in-terval. Depending on your usage the monthly number might come up before the hourly for your application.

Other good off season storage procedures include:

  • Periodically starting and driving your Tucker Sno-Cat during the off season. This helps keep all fluids circulated and components moving to help prevent locking up from lack of use.
  • Tracks should be loosened up during the long offseason. You do not have to loosen up all the way. Just enough to take the tension off.
  • Having a dehumidifier or proper ventilation in your shop to keep mois-ture from rusting or creating mold on those hot summer days.
  • A fuel stabilizer in your fuel tank to prevent moisture from forming in your fuel system.

These tips help make sure that your machine will operate properly when the time comes to get out on the snow. Filter kits are available for your Tucker Sno-Cat® from Track Inc.’s Parts Department, along with Summer Service and On-Site Service programs through our Service Department.