Lorene Hanson

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Many years back I left my accounting career to be a full time stay at home mom. I loved being at home with my three children and when they went to school - I went with them. I volunteered in their classrooms, I went on field trips, I worked on School Advisory Boards, for district budget advisory groups, and Special Needs advocacy groups. I ran a Girl Scout troop and was a Boy Scout Den mother and later, treasurer for my sons Boy Scout Troop.

After 17 years at home, my family was growing up and our needs had changed. I decided to return to work in 2002 and landed a job as a part time accountant for Track Inc. I really enjoyed working at Track Inc. and this enthusiasm and dedication resulted in longer hours and additional responsibilities. In the spring of 2008, the owner of Track Inc., Stuart Campbell asked me to take over as President.

Today I live in Bloomington MN with my husband Steve and my youngest son David, who has Down syndrome. My life has been filled with surprises, challenges, and so much joy. Track Inc. is a perfect place for me to work. I work with a great staff and our customers inspire me every day.

Driveline and Differential Service

    Two of the hardest working components on your Tucker Sno-Cat are often the most forgotten. The Transfer Case and Differentials transmit all of.

Vehicles listed “as is”

Track Inc. occasionally offers a vehicle “as is” for clubs who have the skilled labor and time, but lack the funds to buy a similar.

Are you ready to groom?

It’s time to figure out what you need for another season of grooming. Check out our used inventory, sign up for service, order some parts,.

Manual Fan Override Switch

Those of you with a Tucker Sno-Cat 2005 and newer with a QSB series engine have a manual fan override switch on the dash. This.

Heim Joint Maintenance

Heim Joint One of the latest improvements that have been implemented on the Tucker 2000 is the Heim Joint.  These are a heavy duty tie.

Off Season Service/Storage

Believe it or not winter is just around the corner so I would like to look at some tips for off season storage and service. While mother nature did not provide us with bountiful amounts of snow and in fact many of us did not even get to turn a track last season, your Tucker Sno-Cat still needs service whether it was used or not. All fluids and filters on top of having an hour interval for replacement also have a monthly/yearly in-terval. Depending on your usage the monthly number might come up before the hourly for your application.

Ready for Snow!

The Tuckers are ready, trail signs in place, and brush from the summer months cleared. Mother Nature has not been kind so far but the.