Our staff at Track are all highly qualified and everyone helps keep the company running like a well oiled machine. Coincidentally, we know quite a bit about well oiled machines as well. 

Vermont Service Center

Mike Desmarais, Owner and CEO

Mobile: 802-829-1533
Office: 802-334-7779

Paul Tetreault, Sales Manager

Mobile: 802-673-9329
Office: 802-334-7779

Justin Kennison , Sales

Mobile: 802-673-9304
Office: 802-334-7779

Josh Goff, Service Manager

Mobile 802-487-4181 Office: 802-334-7779

Jean Daigle, Parts Manager

Mobile 802-673-5851  Office: 802-334-7779

Gary Young, Finance/Accounting Manager

Mobile 802-673-5801  Office: 802-334-7779

Julie Lavalette, Finance

Office: 802-334-7779

Wisconsin Service Center

Karl Swanson, Sales

Mobile: 715-360-9378
Office: 952-888-7372

Drew Gaffney, Sales

Mobile: 715-360-7817
Office: 952-888-7372

Darrell Davis , Service Manager

Mobile: 715-360-8934
Office: 952-888-7372

Jeremy Evans, Parts Manager

Mobile: 802-673-5765
Office: 952-888-7372

Debbie Stefonik, Finance

Office: 952-888-7372  Mobile: 715-360-7212