Would you like to learn how to do maintenance on our equipment?

Track Inc. offers service schools each years to customers who want to know more. remove :We have not set the place or date for this years class – so please let us know if we should teach a class in your area.

A few of the topics to be discussed;

  • Introductions, History
  • What’s New for 2018 model year:
  • Operation and Safety
  • Proper Fluids and Filters
  • Service points on Vehicle and schedule


  • Ordering of parts and the need for line sheets and S/N
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Driveline, Suspension, Carriers and Steering


  • Transfer Case – Hands on
  • Carrier – Hands on
  • Differential – Hands on
  • T Case Servicing – Hands on
  • Diploma handout

Afternoon open to your questions.

Lunch and Snacks provided