Would you like to learn how to do maintenance on our equipment?

Track Inc. offers service schools each year to customers who want to know more. We have not set the place or date for this years class – so please let us know if we should teach a class in your area.

A few of the topics to be discussed;

  • Introductions, History
  • What’s New for 2023 model year:
  • Operation and Safety
  • Proper Fluids and Filters
  • Service points on Vehicle and schedule


  • Ordering of parts and the need for line sheets and S/N
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Driveline, Suspension, Carriers and Steering


  • Transfer Case – Hands on
  • Carrier – Hands on
  • Differential – Hands on
  • T Case Servicing – Hands on
  • Diploma handout

Afternoon open to your questions.

Lunch and Snacks provided